Drive around the dunes 4x4 wheels driving

During this journey you start in Khamlia and go to the other end of Erg Chebbi and over a riverbed with fossils. You can see the wreckage of the aircraft movie makers had to the film about Saint-Exupery. You then continue between Erg and the Algerian border, which is in about 20 km distance. If you're in the right time and light, you can witness the Fata Morgana. You drive past a few Nomad houses and tents with goats and sheep and some camels too. Probably they'll invite you on camel milk or tea and a little chat. Afterwards you arrive to the mineral mines in M'Fis and finally return back to Khamlia.

You do exactly what you wish - we are open for everything.


Welcome to Dar el Khamlia B&B
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Dar el Khamlia B&B interior
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Dar el Khamlia B&B interior
Dar el Khamlia B&B interior