Erg Chebbi and Camel trekking

Enjoy one of the most spectacular experience on your trip in Morocco. Camel trek with us and stay overnight in an oasis among the sand dunes. See both sunset and sunrice and dream yourself into another world for a little while, imagine yourself back to the days of caravans of traders.

There are different excursions, spending 1, 2 or more nights in the desert or go by camel into the sand dunes early morning or late afternoon to se the sunrise or sunset.

If you want to overnight in the desert, you'll sleep in tents with blanket-floors and your guide will cook dinner for you while you go to see the sunset (if you reach the top of the huge dune there that is 150 m).
Then, if your excursion was 1 night, you will be awakened early morning to see the sunrise (which is on the "other" side, so you don't have to climb the sand dune), drink tea and afterwards we'll go back.

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If you are going to stay one more night, you'll leave the oasis and continue.
Examples of what you can do the 2nd day:

  • Visit mineral mines in M´fis, see fossils in the nature and the lake
  • Berber village or nomad family
  • Gnawa - spiritual music just in village

Visitor share their experiences:

"The desert feels how the time is going. After a intemperate solar heat is approaching the evening to the fresh zephyr, which bathe the body and all the sweat. Animals and people under the sharp rays are looking to large waterhole so sure as to the death. There idleness is useless. And the whole day seems to be nice, like the journey to the sea."

"Antoine de Saint-Exupéry had near relationship to boiling Sahara although he almost lost the life by aircraft accident. For a film about his life they really could not choose a better place than the Erg Chebbi."

"To sit on the camel is such specific way. Camel is sitting, then it is a kind of back and forth and back and forth and the camel is on all four and go."

"Early in the morning around the 4.45 we go up to dunes to see the sunrise. We warm us in the sand and are waiting. So far it looks like it will not be some big experience. In a few dunes behind us we see another group.
They have their tents only a few hundred meters from us. A few minutes later sun is started with one sight go up on the horizont and we lost the words. "

You can experience the same.

 You do exactly what you wish - we are open for everything.


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