Village of Khamlia

Khamlia is a very small village in the desert near  the biggest dunes Erg Chebi in Morocco. About 7 km from Khamlia there is one bigger village, Merzouga, with hotels, shops, police and phone. From here go towards Taouz, Zagora and M´Fis - mineral mine. Both to Zagora and M´Fis you can only travel by 4x4.

In Khamlia there is one little shop and the school. There is electricity and water in the village. Together there is around 40 houses and here lives about 150 persons. You also find some Gnawa musicians. To go to Khamlia is not easy if you don't have a car. And to go from Khamlia is more difficault because the people will not let you go back. They are happy to have you around.

Khamlia is an excellent base from which you explore the desert and bird-watchers will be enthralled with what they see. In spring, a lake forms near Merzouga which attracts pink flamingos. Other rare birds stop here during spring migration. The desert is also the year around environment for many desert reptiles and mammals.


We offer you to stay as long as you want with us in our guest house, there we have simple, but nice, comfortable rooms with a bathroom! We'll take care of and help you to make sure you'll see the best of the desert. We want you to be completely satisfied with your visit and trip.

We can arrange special things for you as Berber wedding, you can learn how to cook tajin, couscous, prepare Berber tea, different kinds of bread, etc.


You can even see how we build our houses in our traditional way  and if you are strong (and if you want to) you can also try it yourself.



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Dar el Khamlia B&B interior